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Hevea Squash Flooring
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Hevea Squash Flooring

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Performance and safety
In fast games such as squash, it is important the floor is relatively stiff so that the ball bounces back  easily and uniformly throughout the floor. But the floor also has to be sufficiently flexible to reduce the stress placed on the musculoskeletal structure of the player and thereby reduce the susceptibility of athletic injury.

DIN 18033
The hevea Squash flooring is designed to meet the above demands and  to meet the above demands and to meet major international standard such as DN 18033 for squash flooring

Easy to Install
Hevea Squash floor consist of a 22 mm solid  hardwood flooring  which is installed on a sub-construction of  battens mounted on specially designed  shock  absorbing  rubber pads. This construction is both easy to install and to maintain, and the floor can withstand many thousands

Surface properties
To provide a firm footing in play and to enable the floor to absorb small amounts of moisture without becoming slippery, the surface of the Hevea Squash flooring is provided with a slightly roughened surface  sealed with an oil-based resin.
To maintain the surface, it is important that the floor is mopped or vacuum cleaned  frequently  and the floor should be resanded  regularly using Grit #40-60 sanding paper to remove grase,stains, dark scuff marks etc from the floor .

Uniform, light colour
Hevea Squash flooring is light-yellowish in colour  with a matt finish which makes it easy to follow a ball in play and reduces the overall need for artificial lighting

Environmentally friendly
The use of solid timber for sports flooring has many advantages compared to other materials. Solid timber does not cause allergic reactions or electrostatic charging. Wood wears slowly and  uniformly, provides long functional service,  possesses natural warmth, beauty and resilient characteristics  with only modest maintenance costs.

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