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Profoot MXS
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Profoot MXS

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5/8" tufted synthetic grass carpet filled with sand and rubber, straight stitch pattern, 100% Polyethylene, two-coloured straight monofilament yarn, with multi-cross section, U.V.- resistant, 14.000 Dtex, average filament thickness 230µ.

Towards the end of 2007, Lano Sports launched its new PROFOOT MXS, the football turf of the future. We have combined the latest in yarn technology with the innovative developments in polyurethane backing, resulting in a revolutionary new product.

Profoot MXS is a two-tone duo monofilament synthetic turf system. It is a combination of two different yarn designs, hence the name MXS, multi cross section. One yarn type is rectangular and supersoft, the other is shaped like a diamond offering added resilience. Combined together, they dramatically improve playing characteristics since the stronger resilient yarns support the supersoft yarns enabling the fibres to remain upright making ball roll consistent, allowing the player a better 'feel' and making maintenance easier, thereby ensuring excellent consistent long term performance.

Not only do the yarns have different shapes, they also have a different colour, which makes for a two-tone product with aesthetics and playing characteristics to rival well-tended natural grass.

In addition to the MXS yarn technology, we use a high performance polyurethane backing, which dramatically improves the fibrelock of each individual filament and preserves your pitch from accelerated wear.

Profoot MXS offers the best of both worlds, the softness and aesthetic characteristics of natural grass with the durability and maintenance advantages of synthetic grass. Be prepared for an entirely new synthetic turf experience!

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