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Formdex Uniflex

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Formdex Uniflex a heavy duty, elastic, two-component waterproofing and protective system, provides an effective barrier againts moisture for walls and floors. Due to its excellent adhession, high flexural and tensile strength, it will forma an integral part of the substrate to be waterproofed.

Formdex Uniflex is use on masonry, concrete plaster, brickwork, stone, and similar substrates to seal them off against water, rain, ground water and moisture. It is used in situations that require a more elastic porudct than Formdex Uni or when some movement or cracking of the substrate is occurring or anticipated. It can be used either exposed or concealed.
Areas of Usage
· Wet areas
· Swimming pools and water features
· Decks and patios
· Driveways
· Lift pits
· Retaining walls
· Underground shafts
· Foundation walls and footings.
Special Features
· Wide Compatibility
May be applied on brickwork, concrete, stone and similar substrates.
· Excellent Adhession
Is 100% compatible to masonry substrate, has excellent adhession to the substrate it is applied on.
· Flexibility
Formdex has high flexibility and can bridge cracks up to 2mm width.
· Easy Application
Applied using roller and brush. Can be applied on vertical and horizontal surface and on damp substrate.
· Dries in Humid Conditions
Dries well in humid conditions. Can be applied in enclosed or poorly ventilated condition.
Only Hitchins’ trained applicators are approved to undertake all application work.
Formdex Uniflex carries a long-term warranty for both the material an workmanship. The warranty is further backed by Hitchins International Fidelity Fund.

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