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Traffigard System
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Traffigard System

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TRAFFIGARD is a decorative, liquid-applied membrane of heavy-bodied acrylic polymer gel. Is is reiforced with fibreglass mat during application for maxiumum strength and durability.

TRAFFIGARD is used to waterproof as well as to decorate old and new roofs. It also seals joint and cracks to give roofs a seamless and mildly texutred finish. It can be applied over virtually all fully supported substrates, including concrete, waterproof plywood, asbestos cement and even existing membranes and built-up roofing.
TRAFFIGARD can be used ove roofs with trapped moisture, by incorporating vents in the total system. This enables water vapour to escape, thus keeping the substrate dry. TRAFFIGARD provides the most economical means for repairing and restoring leaky and damaged roofs.
Since its indtroduction, TRAFFIGARD waterproofing system has gained, worldwide acceptance as a superior roofing system of excellent quality and durability. Its versatility enables it to adapt to differenct building requirements and climatic condition worlwide.
TRAFFIGARD roofing system consists of five primary layers:
· Primer
It fills hairline and minor cracks on the substrates, thus providing strong adhesion and a smooth surface.
· Bodycoat
The heavy-bodied acrylic polymer gel whic has a high viscosity for building up the membrane and strengthening the system.
· Fibreglass mat
Is is formed with a very tough glassfibre to reinforce wear and tear resistance.
· Second bodycoat
Another bodycoat is applied after the fibreglass mat layer to seal up the system.
· Topcoat
A topcoat is applied ove the whole system for added protection and an attractive surface finish.
Areas of Usage                 
· Flat roof
· Pitched roof
· Curved roof
· All general roof waterproofing
Special Features
· Durability
TRAFFIGARD is reinforced with a layer of glass fibre chopped strand mat, which proives the roofing system with excellent film tensile and long durability.
· Flexibility
TRAFFIGARD is flexible, which enables it to bridge hairline and minor cracks.
· Trafficability
TRAFFIGARD is able to withstand regular maintenance foot and ligh-wheeled traffic.
· Recoatability
TRAFFIGARD is recoatable. After eight years, if another top coat is applied, its service life can be extended up to another 10 years, with the possibility of the warranty being extended.
· Chemical resistance
TRAFFIGARD is resistant to a wide range of common pollutants and diluted chemicals. The useof Formrok 335 topcoat gives additional resistance.
· Beautiful colours
TRAFIGARD comes in a selection of colours to match the exterior finishes of buildings, which enables the roofing system to harmonise with the overall appearance of the building.
· Fire resistance
TRAFFIGARD has good fire retardant properties. Laboratory tests have indicated that its spread of flame index is zero on non-combustible substrates. It has achieved fire resistance rating of AS 1530 Pt 3.
· Easy to apply
TRAFFIGARD is easy to install. Despite the five layers of application, the whole system can be applied very quickly and effectively by Hitchins trained applicators, thus saving time and labour cost.
· Cost effective
It can be applied directly over leaking panel-roofing system without the need to remove the concrete panels.
· Easy to maintain
Normal in-service cleaning can be carried out by mopping or low pressure washing to maintain a clean and beautiful surface. In areas where cleanliness is imperative, use warn dilute neutral detergent.
Only Hitchins’ trained applicators are approved to undertake all application work.
Traffigard System carries a long-term warranty for both the material an workmanship. The warranty is further backed by Hitchins International Fidelity Fund.

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